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UL 503 Diverted to Vienna due to Sick Passenger, Faces Delays

UL 503, en-route to London Heathrow (1st May 2024), faced an unexpected diversion to Vienna due to a passenger falling ill mid-flight. The diversion not only caused a delay but also led to subsequent challenges for the airline and its passengers.
Upon arrival at Vienna, airport counters were scheduled to open at 17:30 local time. However, the commencement of check-in procedures was delayed until 18:00 local time due to the unexpected diversion. Passengers were promptly informed that the flight, which was initially expected to depart at 19:30 local time from Vienna, had a revised estimated time of departure (ETD) of 19:30 local time, with an anticipated arrival at London Heathrow at 21:30 local time.
Despite the delay, airport counters resumed operations at 19:00 local time, and all passengers were successfully checked in by 21:00 local time. To alleviate the inconvenience caused by the delay, most passengers were provided with GBP 15.00 meal vouchers.
Additionally, arrangements were made for accommodation at the Radisson RED Heathrow for all passengers, with the exception of a few who chose to return home instead. Notably, two passengers, identified as WCHR passengers Rasanayagam and Srilluxmirajan, were provided with taxi vouchers to facilitate their journey upon arrival at London Heathrow.
The airline regrets any inconvenience caused and assures passengers that every effort is being made to ensure a smooth continuation of their journey.
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