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SriLankan Airlines: Four aircraft out of service

Four aircraft belonging to SriLankan Airlines are currently out of service, The Sunday Morning learns.
SriLankan Airlines Chairman Ashok Pathirage told The Sunday Morning that four aircraft were out of service as they were facing engine issues.
“We are waiting for the engines,” he said.
The 2022/’23 audit report on the National Carrier noted that from its 24-aircraft fleet, eight were non-operational and lease rentals totalling Rs. 5,646.76 million had been paid for them from 2021 to 20 April 2023.
Pathirage said that they too had been facing engine issues, which had now been resolved. “That was an industry issue affecting not only SriLankan but other airlines globally too.”
With the State-owned entity owing a staggering debt of $ 1.2 billion, the Government is in the process of restructuring it.
Accordingly, the Government earlier this month decided to absorb $ 510 million of its outstanding debt. The period to call for bids for the restructuring of SriLankan Airlines was extended for 45 days with effect from 5 March.
Meanwhile, the airline has also been facing multiple severe delays over the past few months, with the most prominent one in February due to a rat making its way into an aircraft. Other delays have been attributed to technical faults, severely inconveniencing passengers.
Source: Sunday Morning
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