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IndiGo seeks permission to expand operations to Palali airport

IndiGo Airlines has formally requested approval from the Sri Lankan government to commence flight operations to Chennai and Jaffna (Palali) in India, according to reports emerging from aviation circles.

IndiGo Airlines has expressed its intention to initiate research services promptly upon receiving approval from the Sri Lankan authorities for flights between Palali and Chennai.

Presently, IndiGo operates flights between Katunayake and Chennai, and it anticipates that the proposed Palali-Chennai route will witness heightened popularity, catering to the burgeoning demand for air travel between the two destinations.

Mr. Nimal Siripala de Silva, the Minister of Ports, Navigation, and Aviation Services, has reportedly issued directives to airport authorities and the airline company to enhance passenger terminal facilities at Palali Airport, which currently functions as an international airport.

In response to the minister’s directives, officials from both the airport and the airline have communicated the need for approximately 200 million rupees in investments to augment these facilities. – Sri Lanka Mirror

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