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Airport and Aviation to carry on stalled BIA terminal 2 project

Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Pvt) Limited has come forward to carry on the stalled Bandaranaike International Airport terminal two project which was left partially completed by the Japanese investor due to various issues. This identified scope of work is carried out utilizing AASL funds amounting to around Rs 3.2 billion.

“Following the termination of the Terminal 2 Project on December 9, 2022, by the Japanese contractor the AASL has taken timely action and come forward with measures to complete substructure works of this project,” an official from the AASL said.

As the project was abandoned for nearly two years, the leadership of AASL management devised a plan to finalize the substructure works left partially completed by the Japanese contractor. This plan encompasses the completion of remaining works, including the installation of 68 remaining piles, construction of pile caps and ground beams at the main terminal building (MTB), pier 2, and pier 3, as well as the partial completion of the underground utility tunnel in pier no. 2 and pier no. 3.

In a bid to speed up work and obtain better technical aspects to it, these works were awarded to a local construction contractor, Access Engineering PLC. It is done under the direct supervision of the consultant for the project, JV – Japan Airport Consultants, Inc. – Nippon Koei Co. Ltd, and concurrence from JICA is obtained for carrying out the work.

Due to the recommencement of work the project will firstly address the issue of deterioration of steel reinforcements. “In addition it will also help to reduce the cost and time required for carrying out substructure works of the project when a new contractor is mobilized to carry out the remaining work of the project. With the completion of work it will also help to eliminate part of the cost of insurance.”

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